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Course Code
Course Name
ACC201 Principles of Accounting
ACC201_5W Principles of Accounting
ACC202 Managerial Account and Finance
ACC202_5W Managerial Accounting
ACC401 Principles of Accounting
ACC402 Accounting II
ACC415 Auditing
ACC415_5W Auditing
ACC418 Corporate Taxation
ACC418_5W Corporate Taxation
ACC420 Capital Budgeting
ACC420_5W Capital Budgeting
ADJCOMP Comprehensive Exam
APA_AU_LTC Argosy University APA Learning/Tutor Center
ASP100 Skills for Success
ASP100_15W Skills for Success
ASP100_5W Skills for Success
ASP100_AU_LTC Argosy University ASP100 Learning/Tutor Center
ASP100_FS Faculty Support Center
AU_BIO110 Understanding Human Anatomy
AU_BUS311 Business Law
AU_BUS423 Business Psychology
AU_BUS475 Strategic Cost Management
AU_BUS499 Business Policy & Strategic Decisions
AU_ENG101 Composition 1
AU_ENG102 Composition II
AU_PHI101 Ethics in Contemporary Society
AU_PHI102 World Religions
AU_PSY101 General Psychology
AU_PSY210 Psychological Statistics
AU_PSY422 Forensic Psychology
AU_PSY423 Psychology and Criminal Justice
AU_PSY480 Biopsychosocial Effects of Substances
AU_PSY482 Substance Abuse Treatment-I
AUO_ASP100_FC Skills for Success: Faculty Certification
AUO_COM106_FC Information Literacy and Communication: Faculty Certification
AUO_ENG095_096_FC English Review: Faculty Certification
AUO_ENG101_102_FC Composition and Language: Faculty Certification
AUO_MAT096_FC Mathematics Review I: Faculty Certification
AUO_ORIENT Argosy Orientation SSA
AUO_PSY180_COM180_FC Interpersonal Effectiveness: Faculty Certification
AUORTN Argosy University Orientation
AUORTN_GRAD Argosy University Orientation
AUORTN_GRAD_OC Argosy University Orientation
B5001 Macroeconomics
B5002 Microeconomics
B5003 Princples of Accounting
B5004 Financial Management
B5005 Managing Decision Models
B6003 Ethics in Business
B6003_5W Ethics in Business
B6006 Business Principles
B6006_5W Business Principles
B6007 Psychology Foundations for Leadership
B6007_5W Psychology Foundations for Leadership
B6021 Managerial Accounting
B6021_5W Managerial Accounting
B6021-P Managerial Accounting
B6022 Financial Management
B6022_5W Financial Management
B6022-P Financial Management
B6023 Strategic and Operational Planning
B6024 Information Management
B6025 Management Decision Models
B6025_5W Management Decision Models
B6025-P Solutions to Organizational Challenges: A Capstone Experience in Integration and Strategy
B6026 Marketing Planning and Strategy
B6026_5W Marketing Planning and Strategy
B6027 Perspectives in Change Leadership
B6027_5W Perspectives in Change Leadership
B6028 Solutions to Organizational Challenges: A Capstone Experience in Integration and Strategy
B6028_5W Capstone Experience in Integration and Strategy
B6028-P Solutions to Organizational Challenges: A Capstone Experience in Integration and Strategy
B6028-T Capstone Experience in Integration and Strategy
B6029 Operations Management: Solutions to Business Challenges
B6029_5W Operations Management: Solutions to Business Challenges
B6032 Human Resource Management & Talent Development
B6032_5W Human Resource Management & Talent Development
B6110 Supply Chain Optimization and Outsourcing
B6111 Managerial Applications of Technology
B6111_5W Managerial Application of Technology
B6120 Communications Strategies for Managers
B6120_5W Communication Strategies for Managers
B6125 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
B6201 Investment/Portfolio Theory
B6201-P Investment/Portfolio Theory
B6206 Global Finance
B6206-P Global Finance
B6303 Marketing Research for Decision Making
B6311 Marketing Behavior and Decision Making
B6320 Integrated Marketing Communications
B6401 HRM/Personnel Administration
B6403 Labor and Management Relations
B6420 Foundations of Sustainable Business
B6420_5W Foundations of Sustainable Business
B6421 Change Management and the Sustainable Enterprise
B6422 Ethical and Economic Dimensions to Sustainable Business
B6423 Sustainable Venture Plan Seminar
B6450 Financial Strategies for Managers: An Integrated Approach
B6501 Finance and Accounting in Healthcare Organizations
B6504 Managing and Measuring Quality in Healthcare Organizations
B6507 Healthcare Organizations: Changing Dynamics and Emerging Trends
B6508 Managing Programs and New Initiatives in Healthcare
B6512 Global Business: Exploration and Evaluation of Culture and Economics
B6512_5W Global Business Exploration and Evaluation of Culture and Economics
B6520 Financial Decision Making
B6520-P Financial Decision Making
B6522 Capital Markets
B6601 International Business Practice
B6601_5W International Business Practice
B6604 International Marketing
B6606 International Regulatory Compliance
B6608 International Standards, Regulations, and Compliance
B6622 Capital Markets
B6622-P Capital Markets
B6701 Database and Information Management Systems
B6707 Comparative Economic Systems
B6731 Understanding and Managing Human Differences
B6731_5W Understanding and Managing Human Differences
B6732 Perspectives in Ethics
B6734 Organizational Systems and Change
B6761 Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
B6762 Organizational Theory and Management Behavior
B6763 Public Policy Process
B6764 Financial Aspects of Public and Nonprofit Organizations
B6889 Fraud Examination: Theories and Methods
B6890 Fraud Auditing and Financial Analysis
B6891 Legal Aspects of Fraud, Investigation & Expert Testimony
B6892 Internal Auditing and Control Management
B6902 Corporate Compliance
B6904 Monitoring and Assessing Corporate Compliance
B7001 Business Research Writing
B7223 Strategic Planning and Implementation
B7252 International Accounting and Taxation
B7312 Culturally Responsive Marketing
B7315 Global and Multinational Marketing
B7320 Marketing and Innovation
B7325 Marketing Organization and Control
B7330 Marketing Research and Design
B7335 Theory and Research in Consumer Branding
B7336 Consumer Decision and Behavior
B7401 Organizational Behavior
B7403 Management Science
B7405 Business Policy Seminar
B7406 Ethics in Business Management
B7408 Organizational Development and Change Management
B7409 Holistic Management
B7413 Organizational Systems Theory
B7420 Overview of Global Business Sustainability
B7421 Sustainable Systems: The Science of Industrial Psychology
B7422 Developing Sustainable Products and Services
B7423 Designing Sustainable Environments
B7424 Field Study or Research in Global and Business Sustainability
B7426 Strategic Talent Management
B7432 Corporate Social Responsibility
B7438 Holistic Management in Organizations
B7440 Managing Global Challenges
B7440_5W Managing Global Challenges
B7442 Marketing Strategy and Management
B7521 Global Challenges
B7530 Corporate and Global Finance
B7530_5W Corporate and Global Finance
B7532 Advanced Operations Management
B7534 Teaching in Higher Education
B7536 Business Consulting
B7538 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
B7602 Global Managament Models
B7607 Comparative Economic Systems
B7609 International Project
B7610 Leadership in Global and Multicultural Organizations
B7616 International Business Law and Practices
B7628 Leading Innovation and Change
B7630 Contemporary Accounting Theory
B7640 Accounting in a Global Financial Community
B7650 Accounting Control Systems
B7660 The Evolution of Accounting Theory and Practice
B7670 Financial Reporting Theory
B7680 Accounting and Corporate Governance
B7701 Data Management Strategies and Technologies
B7702 Management Information and Decision Support Systems
B7777 Solutions Leadership
B7783 Solution-Oriented Decisions Models
B7840 Strategy Formulation, Implementation, and Evaluation
B7935 Dissertation
BIO110_AU Understanding Human Anatomy
BIO120 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BUS201 Business in a Technology World
BUS211 Business Law
BUS212 Business Law & Ethics
BUS212_5W Business Law & Ethics
BUS270 Business Ethics
BUS301 Organizational Communication
BUS311 Business Ethics
BUS312 Critical Thinking and Planning
BUS320 21st Century Leadership and Beyond
BUS325 Business Policy
BUS350 Operations Management
BUS360 Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
BUS365 Marketing, Sales, and Channel Management
BUS365_5W Marketing, Sales, and Channel Management
BUS370 Business Ethics
BUS375 Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research
BUS377 International Finance Management
BUS380 Organizational Leadership and Change
BUS381 Solutions-Focused Leadership
BUS381_5W Solutions Focused Leadership
BUS401 Business Presentations
BUS412 Personnel Law
BUS423 Business Psychology
BUS423_5W Business Psychology
BUS430 International Business
BUS431 International Economics
BUS432 International Organizations
BUS433 International Marketing
BUS433_5W International Marketing
BUS434 International Finance Management
BUS434_5W International Finance Management
BUS435 Employment Law
BUS435_5W Employment Law
BUS436 International Human Resources
BUS436_5W International Human Resources
BUS438 Emerging Markets
BUS452 Database Concepts
BUS453 Telecommunications and Network Concepts
BUS454 Transaction Processing on the Web
BUS456 Strategic Issues in E-Business
BUS470 Global Business Management
BUS470_5W Global Business Management
BUS475 Strategic Cost Management
BUS480 Business Tactics and Execution
BUS480_5W Business Tactics and Execution
BUS481 Crisis and Conflict Management
BUS499 Business Policy & Strategic Decisions (Capstone)
BUS499_5W Business Policy and Strategic Solutions
C6035 Human Growth and Development
C6036 Essentials in Interviewing
C6041 Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
C6431 Counseling in Community Settings
C6432 Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychopathology
C6433 Theories of Personality
C6435 Individual Evaluation and Assessment
C6436 Individual Counseling Theories and Practice
C6438 Group Theories and Practice
C6439 Human Sexuality
C6440 Ethics in Counseling
C6445 Social and Cultural Competencies for Counselors
C6446 Substance Abuse Counseling
C6452 Career and Lifestyle Assessment
C6460 Supervision for Counselors
C6491 Field Experience: Mental Health Counseling I
C6494 Field Experience: Mental Health Counseling II
C6495 Field Experience: Mental Health Counseling III
C7410 Assessment in Counseling
C7421 Etiology of Mental Illness
C7431 Counseling in Community Settings
C7432 Advanced Individual Counseling
C7433 Advanced Group Counseling
C7434 Cognitive-Behavioral Theories of Counseling
C7435 Existential-Humanistic Theories of Counseling
C7436 Psychodynamic Theories of Counseling
C7439 Dynamics of Marriage and Family Systems
C7440 Marriage and Family Therapy
C7443 Multicultural Issues in Counseling
C7444 Multicultural Issues in Counselor Education and Supervision
C7445 Brief Psychotherapies
C7451 Theories of Child and Adolescent Counseling
C7452 Professional Development in Counseling
C7453 Clinical Consultation
C7454 Models of Clinical Supervision
C7455 Addictions Counseling
C7458 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
C7459 Psychopharmacology for Counselors
C7460 Techniques of Child and Adolescent Counseling
C7461 Ethics in Counselor Education and Supervision
C7462 Ethics in Practice
C7463 Theory and Practice of Motivation
C7465 Teaching in Higher Education
C7484 Group Counseling Theory and Practice
C7935 Dissertation-Counseling
CC_ASP100 Skills for Success
CC_IH_ENG096 English Review II
CC_IH_ENG101 Composition I
CC_IH_MAT096 Mathematics Review I
CJA105 Introduction to American Criminal Justice
CJA105-AUO Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJA140 Introduction to Corrections
CJA140_5W Introduction to Corrections
CJA140-AUO Introduction to Corrections
CJA215 Criminal Law
CJA215-AUO Criminal Law
CJA225 Criminal Court System
CJA225-AUO Criminal Court Systems
CJA235 Police Organizational Structure and Operations
CJA235_5W Police Organizational Structure and Operations
CJA235-AUO Police Organizational Structure and Operations
CJA315 Criminal Procedure
CJA315_5W Criminal Procedure
CJA315-AUO Criminal Procedures
CJA320 Interviewing and Interrogation
CJA320_5W Interviewing and Interrogation
CJA320-AUO Interviewing and Interrogation
CJA325 Criminal Investigation
CJA325-AUO Criminal Investigations
CJA330 Juvenile Delinquency
CJA330_5W Juvenile Delinquency
CJA330-AUO Juvenile Delinquency
CJA335 Organized Crime
CJA335_5W Organized Crime
CJA335-AUO Organized Crime
CJA340 Adult Corrections
CJA340_5W Adult Corrections
CJA340-AUO Adult Corrections
CJA345 Criminal Justice Research Methods and Statistics
CJA345-AUO Criminal Justice Research Methods and Statistics
CJA347 Juvenile Corrections
CJA347_5W Juvenile Corrections
CJA347-AUO Juvenile Corrections
CJA350 Probation and Parole
CJA350_5W Probation and Parole
CJA350-AUO Probation and Parole
CJA415 Victimology
CJA415_5W Victimology
CJA415-AUO Victimology
CJA425 Community Policing
CJA425_5W Community Policing
CJA425-AUO Community Policing
CJA426 Terrorism
CJA426_5W Terrorism
CJA426-AUO Terrorism
CJA435 Homeland Security
CJA435_5W Homeland Security
CJA435-AUO Homeland Security
CJA445 Emergency Management
CJA445_5W Emergency Management
CJA445-AUO Emergency Management
CJA455 Vulnerability Assessment and Infrastructure Protection
CJA455_5W Vulnerability Assessment and Infrastructure Protection
CJA455-AUO Trans Protect Vulnerability Assessment
CJA460 Penology
CJA460_5W Penology Theory
CJA460-AUO Penology
CJA470 Criminology
CJA470_5W Criminology
CJA470-AUO Criminology
CJA498 Contemporary Issues In Criminal Justice
CJA498_5W Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
CJA498-AUO Contemporary Issues In Criminal Justice
CJA499 Criminal Justice Capstone
CJA9900 Program Development
COM100 Information Literacy and Communication
COM104 Persuasion
COM105 Organizational Communications
COM105_5W Organizational Communication
COM106 Information Literacy and Communication
COM107 Reading and Writing: An Interconnected Process
COM107_5W Reading and Writing: An Interconnected Process
COM114 Public Speaking
COM180 Interpersonal Effectiveness
COM301 Negotiation and Conflict Management
COM301_new Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
COM450 Communication, Gender & Culture
COM450_5W Communication, Gender & Culture
Doctoral Dissertation
E6018 Introduction to Higher and Postsecondary Education
E6020 Student Success from Admissions to Graduation
E6022 Fiscal Realities and Responsibilities
E6024 Program Planning and Evaluation
E6026 Issues in Higher and Postsecondary Education Policy and Law
E6032 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education
E6034 Introduction to Educational Leadership
E6035 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction
E6036 School Law
E6037 Improving School Decisions through Data-Driven Change
E6038 Education in a Diverse Society
E6039 Administration of Human Resources
E6100 Research in Education
E6137 Educational Leadership
E6211 Strategies for Teaching Adult Learners
E6226 Teaching Literacy to ELL Students
E6232 Educational Law
E6233 Educational Finance
E6235 Interpersonal Communication
E6250 Intro/Best Practices in Training and Development
E6331 Survey of Curriculum Theory and Design
E6339 School Organization and Curriculum
E6341 Child and Adolescent Development
E6350 Advanced Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction
E6361 Foundations of Exceptional Student Education for the General Education Teacher
E6420 Multicultural Education in Contemporary Society
E6425 Diversity Issues in Education
E6434 Community Relations and Collaboration
E6440 ELL/ESL Methods and Curriculum Development
E6441 Linguistics for ELL/ESL Educators
E6443 Assessments and the ELL/ESL Student
E6501 Current Trends in School Curriculum
E6502 Organization and Administration of Student Affairs
E6504 The Impact of Technology and Its Applications in Student Services
E6506 Capstone
E6510 Measurement and Assessment in Education
E6530 Reading Strategies and Learning Theories for the P-12 Classroom
E6536 Teaching Literacy to ELL Students
E6579 Texas Principalship
E6580 School Administrative Practicum I
E6581 School Administrative Practicum II
E6610 Learning Theories and Teaching Strategies
E6615 Leadership in Education
E6620 Supervision of Curriculum
E6705 Human Resource Management and Development
E6710 Organizational Management and Development
E6714 Adult and Organizational Learning
E6734 Structured English Immersion
E6802 Instructional Development and Delivery
E6805 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
E6840 Reflections in Practice
E6900 Cultural Diversity
E6901 Foundations of Education
E6925 Capstone Project
E7012 Data-Driven Change for School Improvement
E7031 Descriptive Research
E7033 Leading and Managing Change in a Diverse Society
E7034 Critical Analysis of Problems and Issues in Education
E7036 Curriculum and Program Evaluation Methods
E7038 Leading and Managing Higher and Postsecondary Institutions
E7040 Strategic Planning and Implementation in Higher and Postsecondary Education
E7042 Transforming Practice in Higher Education
E7044 The Postsecondary Learner
E7046 Designing Curriculum
E7111 Introduction to Advanced Academic Study and Writing
E7132 Public School Finance
E7134 Comprehensive Planning and Implementation
E7135 Middle School Organization and Curriculum
E7136 Higher Education in the United States
E7137 Educational Leadership in Theory and Practice
E7138 School Site-Based Budgeting
E7223 Organizational Communication Systems and Internship Seminar
E7231 Administrative Theory and Practice
E7232 Educational Policy
E7233 Organizational Communication Systems and Internship Seminar
E7236 The Community College
E7237 Special Topics in Educational Leadership
E7238 Educational Law: The School
E7239 Educational Law: The District
E7240 Educational Law: Higher Education
E7245 Teaching and Effective Learning Strategies
E7331 Curriculum Theory and Design
E7334 Staff and Professional Development
E7335 Advanced Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction
E7336 Adult Learner
E7337 Special Topics in Curriculum and Teaching
E7337-AUO Special Topics in Curriculum and Teaching
E7338 Multicultural Education in the 21st Century
E7340 Curriculum Design (K-12)
E7345 College Teaching
E7354 Theory and Development in Multiple Intelligences
E7356 Curriculum Design in Higher Education
E7357 Assessing Productive Thinking
E7410 Critical Analysis of Trends and Policy: Power and Privilege
E7412 Advanced Educational Psychology
E7414 Teaching and Learning Theories
E7416 Organizational Communication Systems
E7418 Response to Intervention
E7422 Data Informed Decision Making
E7462 Assessment for the Classroom Teacher
E7464 Understanding and Communicating Assessment Data
E7501 Community College Leadership
E7502 Organizational and Governance of Community Colleges
E7503 Community College Finance
E7504 Community College Executive Management Internship
E7510 Financial and Resource Decision Making
E7512 Navigating Law, Policy, and Politics
E7514 Comprehensive Internship and Project
E7518 Development of Instructional Expertise
E7520 Online, Hybrid, and Emerging Technologies
E7637 Managing Human and Fiscal Resources in Higher Education
E7801 Instructional Technology Planning and Management
E7802 Integrating Technology into the Classroom
E7803 Instructional Design
E7804 Managing and Evaluating Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
E7805 Distance Learning Technologies and Teaching Methods
E7834 Writing for Research and Professional Publication
E7935 Dissertation
ECO201 Macroeconomics
ECO201_5W Macroeconomics
ECO202 Microeconomics
ECO202_5W Microeconomics
ECO311 International Business
ECO401 Macroeconomics
ECO402 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO403 Contemporary Issues in Economics
EDD9900 EdD_Program_Development
ENG095_5W English Review I
ENG095_AU English Review I
ENG096 English Review II
ENG096_5W English Review
ENG099 Writing Review
ENG099_AU Writing Review
ENG101_5W Composition I
ENG101_AU Composition I
ENG102_5W Composition II
ENG102_AU Composition II
ENG103 The Literary Experience
ENG103_5W The Literary Experience
ENG103_AU The Literary Experience
ENG401 Shakespeare Today
FIN201 Foundations of Building Wealth
FIN401 Finance I
FIN401_5W Financial Management
FIN402 Finance II
FIN430_5W Corporate Finance
FIN430_AU Corporate Finance
FIN431 Treasure and Credit Management
FIN432 Investment Analysis
FIN433 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN434 Financial Decisions for Profit, People, and the Planet
FIN434_5W Financial Decisions for Profit, People, and the Planet
FP6005 Maladaptive Behavior & Psychopathology
FP6005_5W Maladaptive Behavior and Psychopathology
FP6010 Psychology and the Legal System
FP6010_5W Psychology and the Legal System
FP6015 Psychology of Criminal Behavior
FP6015_5W Psychology of Criminal Behavior
FP6020 Individual Assessment
FP6020_5W Individual Assessment
FP6030 Research and Evaluation Design
FP6030_5W Research and Evaluation
FP6035 Evaluation and Treatment of Offenders
FP6035_5W Evaluation and Treatment of Offenders
FP6500 Professional and Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychology
FP6500_5W Professional and Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychology
FP6520 Forensic Psychological Assessment
FP6520_5W Forensic Psychological Assessment
FP6525 Psychology of the Victim
FP6525_5W Psychology of the Victim
FP6530 Forensic Program Development and Evaluation
FP6535 Consultation, Triage and Testimony in Forensic Psychology
FP6535_5W Consultation, Triage, and Testimony
FP6540 Forensic Psychology Seminar
FP6540_5W Forensic Psychology Seminar
FP6800 Police Psychology
FP6880 Police Psychology
FP6880_5W Police Psychology
FP6900 Substance Abuse Counseling
FP6900_5W Substance Abuse Counseling
FP6901 Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment
FP6902 Issues in Psychological Profiling
FP6902_5W Issues in Psychological Profiling
FP6902_AUO Issues in Psychological Profiling
FP6903 Psychology of Counterintelligence
FP6903_5W Psychology of Counterintelligence
FP6904 Operational Psychology
FP6904_5W Operational Psychology
FP6905 Correctional Psychology
FP6905_5W Correctional Psychology
FP6906 Interviewing and Interrogation: History and Techniques
FP6906_5W Interviewing and Interrogation: History and Techniques
HCA301_5W Healthcare Systems
HCA302_5W Health Insurance & Managed Care
HCA303_5W Healthcare Law & Ethics
HCA305_5W Medical Office Procedures
HCA306_5W Healthcare Operations Management
HCM401 Strategic Planning and Program Development
HCM401_5W Strategic Planning and Program Development
HCM402 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Systems
HCM402_5W HR Management in Healthcare
HCM403 Quality Assurance in Healthcare Management
HCM403_5W Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems
HCM404 Healthcare Policy and Administration
HCM404_5W Healthcare Policy and Administration
HCM405 Technology in Healthcare
HM6010 Healthcare Organizations: Changing Dynamics and Emerging Trends
HM6020 Accounting and Finance for Healthcare Managers
HM6020_5W Accounting and Finance for Healthcare Managers
HM6030 Business Operations and Economic Principles
HM6040 Health Care Organizations and Administration
HM6050 Health Care Policy and Analysis
HM6060 Health Law and Ethics
HM6070 Health Outcomes and Behaviors
HM6080 Health Planning and Marketing
HM6090 Health Service Management
HM6100 Leadership in Organizations
HM6110 Management and Organizational Behavior
HM6110_5W Management and Organizational Behavior
HM6120 Management Information Systems
HM6130 Principles of Negotiation and Risk Management
HM6140 Quantitative Methods
HM6160 Health Service Management: A Summative Review
HS6010 Theory and Scope of Human Services
HS6010_5W Theory and Scope of Human Services
HS6012 Life Course and Human Development
HS6012_5W Life Course and Human Development
HS6014 Human Behavior in Context
HS6014_5W Human Behavior in Context
HS6016 Multiculturalism and Diversity in Practice
HS6016_5W Multiculturalism and Diversity in Practice
HS6020 Personal Values and Professional Ethics
HS6020_5W Personal Values and Professional Ethics
HS6022 Research and Writing in Human Services
HS6022_5W Research and Writing in Human Services
HS6024 Communication in Human Services
HS6024_5W Communications in Human Services
HS6510 The Dynamics of Groups and Systems
HS6510_5W The Dynamics of Groups and Systems
HS6512 Policy Advocacy and Social Change
HS6530 Administrative Dimensions of Human Services
HS6532 Program Evaluation
HS6534 Human Services Administration Capstone
HUM110 The Immigrant Experience
HUM110_5W The Immigrant Experience
HUM200 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
HUM201 U.S. History
HUM201_5W US History
HUM215 Diversity and World Cultures
HUM220 Ethics and Social Justice
HUM225 Art and Media Appreciation
HUM401 American Voices
HUM401_5W American Voices
HUM440 Critical Thinking
HUM440_5W Critical Thinking Common Sense and Everyday Life
IO6300 Professional Ethics and Legal Issues
IO6301 Research Methods in Industrial Organizational Psychology
IO6301_5W Research Methods in IO
IO6302 Organizational Theory and Design
IO6303 Organizational Behavior and Culture
IO6304 Organizational Development
IO6400 Applied Industrial Organizational Psychology
IO6400_5W Applied Industrial Organizational Psychology
IO6401 Performance Appraisal and Feedback
IO6402 Statistics for IO Psychology
IO6410 IO Theory Applied to Organizational Behavior & Culture
IO6410_5W Theory Applied to Organizational Behavior & Culture
IO6412 IO Techniques for Organizational Development and Assessment
IO6440 Organizational Consulting
IO6500 Employee Selection, Placement, and Classification
IO6501 Industrial and Organizational Assessment
IO6502 Organizational Leadership and Change
IO6502_5W Organizational Leadership and Change
IO6503 Job and Task Analysis
IO6505 Training & Development
IO6506 Business Principles for IO Professionals
IO6506_5W Business Principles for IO Professionals
IO6600 Capstone Course
IO6600_5W Capstone Project
IO6601 Internship
ISM401 Systems Analysis and Business Applications
IST101 IT Foundations I
IST102 Information Technology Foundations II
IST201 Network Fundamentals
IST211 Ethics and IT Governance
IST241 Security Fundamentals
IST241_5W Security Fundamentals
IST243 Cyber Crime
IST245 Digital Forensics
IST251 Introduction to Web Design and HTML
IST253 Web Development and Cascading Style Sheets
IST255 Web Authoring Tools
IST281 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
IST283 Project Management I: Introduction to
IST285 Project Management II: Integration, Scope, and Communications Management
IST301 Operating System Fundamentals
IST331 Software Engineering
IST341 Introduction to Java Programming
IST343 Web Development with HTML 5
IST344 Digital Forensics
IST345 Computer Penetration Security
IST347 Application Security
IST351 Database Fundamentals
IST353 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
IST355 Web Development and Cascading Style Sheets
IST356 Web Authoring Tools
IST357 SQL Development
IST359 Database Administration
IST361 Introduction to C# Programming
IST367 Project Management III: Time, Cost, and Quality Management
IST381 Switches and Routers
IST383 Wireless Networks
IST385 Internet Protocols
IST387 JavaScript Development
IST405 Mobile Computing
IST411 Cloud Computing
IST415 Virtualization
IST441 Advanced Java Programming
IST443 Case Studies in Computer Security
IST449 Advanced C# Programming
IST451 Database Development with Oracle
IST453 Database Development with MS SQL
IST455 Data Warehouse Operations
IST457 Entrepreneurship
IST458 Project Management IV: HR, Risk, and
IST461 E-Commerce
IST463 Social Media Marketing
IST465 Search Engine Optimization
IST481 Linux Administration
IST483 Windows Server Administration
IST495 Career Preparation and Professional
IST499 Information Technology Capstone
L7101 Foundations in Leadership
L7131 Human Resource Management
L7335 Advanced Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction
L7400 Special Topics
L7404 Stress Management Control
L7417 Advanced Management Consulting
L7431 Theory and Development of Motivation
L7432 Professional Development in Leadership
L7435 Financial Management
L7437 Special Topics in Organizational Leadership
L7438 Team Development and Leadership
L7440 Organizational Consultation
L7450 Interpersonal and Organizational Communication
L7451 Leading through and beyond Change
L7452 Leadership and Ethics
L7454 Organizational Consultancy and Assessment
L7838 Directed Independent Study: Org Leadership
L7900 Conflict Management
L7935 Dissertation
LTC_APA_AU Argosy University APA Learning/Tutor Center
LTC_MTH_AU Argosy University Math Learning/Tutor Center
MAT096 Math Review I
MAT096_5W Math Review I
MAT096_AU Math Review I
MAT097 Math Review II
MAT097_AU Math Review II
MAT100 Survey of College Mathematics
MAT101 (MAT100)
MAT104 Statistics & Probability
MAT104_AU Statistics and Probability
MAT106 Quantitative Literacy
MAT106_5W Quantitative Literacy
MAT107 College Algebra
MAT107_5W College Algebra
MAT108 Intermediate College Algebra
MAT108_AU Intermediate College Algebra
MAT109 General Education Mathematics
MAT109_5W General Mathematics
MAT111 Math in the Real World
MAT112 General Education Statistics
MC6000 Research, Analysis, & Communication
MC6010 Constitutional Law
MC6012 Administrative Law
MC6014 Compliance & Organizational Structures
MC6020 Law of Medicare & Medicaid
MC6022 Law of Patientsí Rights
MC6024 Law of Accreditation & Licensure
MC6026 Technology & Privacy Concerns in the Workplace
MC6028 Employment Discrimination
MC6030 Employee Benefits
MC6500 Law of Risk Management
MC6502 Pharmaceutical Law
MC6510 Legal Perspectives on Healthcare Ethics
MC6512 Regulatory Compliance in the Healthcare Industry
MC6514 Healthcare as an Employee Benefit
MC6516 Legal Regulation of Workplace Safety
MC6518 Occupational Safety and Health
MC6520 Hiring, Firing, Promoting, and Evaluating Employees
MC6522 Immigration Concerns in Employment
MC6524 Law Regulating Wages and Hours
MC6526 Labor Law: Laws Regulating Unions & Management
MC6528 Dealing with Whistleblowers & Preventing Retaliation
MC6540 Building a Compliance Program
MED9900 MAED_Program Development
MF7000 Advanced Systemic Theory and Practice I
MF7001 Advanced Systemic Theory II
MF7100 Systemic Appraisals and Assessments I
MF7101 Systemic Appraisals & Assessments II
MF7200 Doctoral Seminar I
MF7201 Doctoral Seminar II
MF7202 Doctoral Seminar III
MF7300 Fundamentals of Supervision
MF7400 Teaching Systemic Theory & Practice
MF7500 Research and Assessment II
MF7501 Quantitative Research
MF7502 Qualitative Research
MF7503 Research in Couple, Marriage & Family Therapy
MF7600 Supervising Practicum I
MF7601 Supervising Practicum II
MF7700 Teaching Practicum I
MF7701 Teaching Practicum II
MF7800 Applied Clinical Project
MF7801 Internship
MGT240 Motivating and Managing People
MGT240_5W Motivating and Managing People
MGT301 Negotiation and Conflict Management
MGT301_5W Negotiation and Conflict Management
MGT302 Organizational Behavior
MGT311 Technology in Business I
MGT312 Leadership in Organizations
MGT330 Business Information Systems
MGT330_5W Business Information Systems
MGT331 Technology in Business
MGT334 Data Driven Decision Making
MGT340 Solutions Focused Decision Making
MGT340_5W Solutions Focused Decision Making
MGT341 Managing Decision Models
MGT400 Managing People for Performance
MGT400_5W Managing People for Performance
MGT401 Principles of Management
MGT402 Project Management
MGT402_5W Project Management
MGT411 Human Resource Management
MGT411_5W Human Resource Management
MGT413 Managing Change
MGT413_5W Change Management
MGT414 Non-profit and Governmental Organizations
MGT416 Management Operations
MGT420 Compensation and Benefits
MGT420_5W Compensation and Benefits
MGT430 Training and Development
MGT430_5W Training and Development
MGT432 Technology in Business II
MGT441 Quality Assurance
MGT442 Quantitative Methods Business II
MGT450 Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
MGT450_5W Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
MKT230 Principles of Marketing
MKT230_5W Principles of Marketing
MKT302 Marketing I
MKT402 Marketing II
MKT431 Consumer Behavior and Market Research
MKT431_5W Consumer Behavior
MKT432 Marketing Research and Analysis
MKT432_5W Marketing Research & Analysis
MKT433 Marketing Strategy and Implementation
MS6010 Accounting Practices for Managers
MS6010_5W Accounting Practices for Managers
MS6012 Economic Practices for Managers
MS6012_5W Economic Practices for Managers
MS6014 Financial Practices for Managers
MS6014_5W Financial Practices for Managers
MS6018 Employment Law and Public Policy
MS6018_5W Employment Law & Public Policy
MS6020 Contract Law and Professional Ethics
MS6020_5W Contract Law and Professional Ethics
MS6022 Managing the Non-Profit Mission
MS6510 Compensation, Motivation, and Rewards
MS6510_5W Compensation, Motivation, & Rewards
MS6512 Applications in Training and Development
MS6512_5W Applications in Training and Development
MS6514 Talent Management
MS6514_5W Talent Management
MS6524 Services in Multi-Cultural Settings
MS6528 Strategic Planning and Competing Stakeholders
MS6530 Finance, Accounting, and Economics in the Non-Profit World
MS6532 Motivating and Leading Employees and Volunteers in the Non-Profit Sector
MS6534 Promoting the Non-Profit
MS6536 Non-Profit Program Design and Execution
MS6900 The Functional Contribution to Organizational Success (Capstone)
MS6900_5W The Functional Contribution to Organizational Success
MTH_AU_LTC Argosy University Math Learning/Tutor Center
PA6010 Government, Citizenship, and Society
PA6012 Law and the Public Sector
PA6014 Data-Driven Decision Making
PA6016 State, Federal, and Local Government
PA6510 Public Service
PA6512 Financing Government and Its Projects
PA6514 Project Management in the Public Arena
PA6516 Public and Private Partnerships
PA6518 Politics of Problem Solving
PA6520 Public Personnel Management
PA6522 Intricacies of Decision Making
PA6524 Public Administration Program Capstone
PA6524-T Public Administration Program Capstone
PA6526 Planning and Preparing for Disasters
PA6528 Economics of Emergencies
PA6530 First and Second Response to Crises
PA6532 Capstone: Emergency Preparedness and Response
PA6534 Preventing Security Crises
PA6536 Financing Security Practices
PA6538 Security Response Management
PA6540 Capstone: Homeland Security
PC_ASP100 Skills for Success
PC_ENG096 English Review II
PC_ENG101 Composition I
PC_MAT096 Mathematics Review I
PC6000 Counseling Theory
PC6000-NAC Counseling Theory
PC6005 Maladaptive Behavior and Psychopathology
PC6010 Professionalization Group
PC6011 Professionalization Group II
PC6025 Human Development and Learning
PC6025-NAC Human Growth and Development
PC6030 Psychopathology and Assessment
PC6030-NAC Psychopathology & Assessment
PC6104 Counseling I
PC6104-NAC Counseling Skills I
PC6105 Counseling II
PC6105-NAC Counseling Skills II
PC6106 Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
PC6106-NAC Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
PC6200 Human Sexuality
PC6200-NAC Human Sexuality
PC6230 Theories in Counseling Families and Individuals
PC6240 Introduction to Psychological Testing
PC6300 Professional and Ethical Issues
PC6300-NAC Professional & Ethical Issues
PC6320 Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse
PC6330 Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting
PC6400 Practicum
PC6401 Practicum II
PC6410 Counseling Practicum
PC6410-NAC Counseling Practicum
PC6415 Counseling Internship
PC6416 Counseling Internship I
PC6416-NAC Counseling Intership I
PC6417 Counseling Internship II
PC6417-NAC Counseling Intership II
PC6420 Community Mental Health
PC6430 Aging
PC6440 Child and Adolescent Counseling
PC6440-NAC Child and Adolescent Counseling
PC6505 Group Counseling
PC6505-NAC Group Counseling
PC6510 Social and Cultural Foundations of Therapy
PC6511 Social and Cultural Diversity
PC6515 Multicultural Diversity and Advocacy
PC6515-NAC Multicultural Diversity and Advocacy
PC6520 Clinical Psychopharmacology
PC6521 Research and Program Evaluation
PC6521-NAC Research and Program Evaluation
PC6525 Appraisal and Assessment
PC6525-NAC Appraisal and Assessment
PC6600 Career & Lifestyle Development
PC6600-NAC Career and Lifestyle Development
PC6700 Couples and Family Counseling
PC6700-NAC Couples & Family Counseling
PC6712 Diagnosis and Treatment of Behavioral and Emotional Disorders
PC6712-NAC Diagnosis and Treatment of Behavioral and Emotional Disorders
PC6803 Trauma Impact and Counseling
PC6803-NAC Trauma Impact and Counseling
PC6814 Forensic Counseling
PC6814-NAC Forensic Counseling
PC6816 Psychopharmacology for Counselors
PC6816-NAC Psychopharmacology for Counseling
PC6818 Integrating Spirituality in Counseling
PC6818-NAC Integrating Spirituality in Counseling
PC6900 Substance Abuse Counseling
PC6900-NAC Substance Abuse Counseling
PC7100 Professional Issues: Ethics, Conduct, and Law
PH101 Ethics in Contemporary Society
PH6010 History and Foundations of Public Health
PH6010_5W History and Foundations of Public Health
PH6012 Epidemiology and Risk Management
PH6012_5W Epidemiology and Risk Management
PH6014 Biostatistics: Analysis and Application
PH6014_5W Biostatistics: Analysis and Application
PH6016 Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness
PH6016_5W Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness
PH6018 Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Implications on Health
PH6018_5W Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Implications on Health
PH6020 Health Policy and Analysis
PH6020_5W Health Policy and Analysis
PH6022 Health Communications and Social Marketing
PH6022_5W Health Communications and Social Marketing
PH6024 Performance Improvement Systems in Public Health
PH6024_5W Performance Improvement Systems in Public Health
PH6510 Change Implementation and Management in Public Health Systems
PH6510_5W Change Implementation and Management in Public Health Systems
PH6512 Public Health Informatics
PH6512_5W Public Health Informatics
PH6514 Public Health in the 21st Century
PH6514_5W Public Health in the 21st Century
PH6602 Capstone Project: Writing a Public Health Grant
PH6602_5W Capstone Project: Writing a Public Health Grant
PH6602-T Capstone Project: Writing a Public Health Grant
PH6604 Practicum I: Leadership in Public Health
PH6605 Practicum II: Leadership in Public Health
PH6606 Field Experience I: Leadership in Public Health
PH6606_5W Field Experience I: Leadership in Public Health
PH6607 Field Experience II: Leadership in Public Health
PH6607_5W Field Experience II: Leadership in Public Health
PHI101_5W Ethics in Contemporary Society
PHI101_AU Ethics in Contemporary Society
PHI102_AU World Religions
PHI301 Philosophy of Religion
PHI301_5W Philosophy of Religion
PHY105 General Physics
PLS_ASP100 Academic Skills for Success
PLS_COM106 Information Literacy and Communication
PLS_ENG095 English Review I
PLS_ENG096 English Review II
PLS_PSY180 Interpersonal Effectiveness
POL110 American Experience
POL110_AU American Government
PP7120 Psychology and Management
PP7349 Career Assessment and Counseling
PP7900 Intervention and Prevention Program Planning
PP8050 Family and Couples Therapy
PP8060 Survey of Group Psychotherapy
PP8155 Practice Development and Marketing Psychologists
PSY100 Introduction to Psychology
PSY101_5W General Psychology
PSY101_AU General Psychology
PSY180 Interpersonal Effectiveness
PSY180_5W Interpersonal Effectiveness
PSY210_5W Psychological Statistics
PSY230 Psychology in the Community
PSY230_5W Psychology in the Community
PSY250 Writing in Psychology
PSY250_5W Writing in Psychology
PSY260 Child and Adolescent Development
PSY260_5W Child and Adolescent Development
PSY270 Careers in Psychology
PSY270_5W Careers in Psychology
PSY300 Developmental Psychology
PSY301 Children and Violence
PSY301_5W Children and Violence
PSY302 Research Methods
PSY302_5W Research Methods
PSY303 Introduction to Crime and Causes
PSY303_5W Introduction to Crime and Causes
PSY304 Human Sexuality
PSY304_5W Human Sexuality
PSY305 Psychology of Religion
PSY306 Psychology of Aging
PSY307 Adulthood and Aging
PSY307_5W Adulthood and Aging
PSY308 Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology
PSY308_5W Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSY309 Psychology of Exceptional Children
PSY309_5W Psychology of Exceptional Children
PSY310 Social Psychology
PSY310_5W Social Psychology
PSY311 Child, Family, and Community Relationships
PSY311_5W Child, Family, and Community Relationships
PSY312 Diversity
PSY312_5W Diversity
PSY313 Psychology of Gender
PSY313_5W Psychology of Gender
PSY314 Psychology of Women
PSY320 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY320_5W Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY350 Physiological Psychology
PSY350_5W Physiological Psychology
PSY360 Cognition and Learning
PSY361 Personality Theory
PSY362 Personality Theories
PSY362_5W Personality Theories
PSY363 Cognitive Psychology
PSY369 Careers in Psychology
PSY370 Introduction to Addictions and Addictive Behavior
PSY370_5W Introduction to Addictions and Addictive Behavior
PSY381 Abnormal Psychology
PSY381_5W Abnormal Psychology
PSY382 Positive Psychology
PSY382_5W Positive Psychology
PSY383 Learning and Behavior
PSY383_5W Learning and Behavior
PSY384 Sensation and Perception
PSY384_5W Sensation and Perception
PSY395 Independent Study
PSY400 Counseling Theories
PSY400_5W Counseling Theories
PSY405 Interviewing Techniques
PSY405_5W Interviewing Techniques
PSY410 Maladaptive Behavior and Psychopathology
PSY415 Psychological Assessment
PSY415_5W Psychological Assessment
PSY420 Disabilities
PSY422 Forensic Psychology
PSY422_5W Forensic Psychology
PSY423 Psychology and Criminal Justice
PSY430 Ethics in Psychology
PSY430_5W Ethics in Psychology
PSY440 Internship and Seminar
PSY450 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY450_5W History and Systems of Psychology
PSY480 Biopsycholsocial Effects
PSY481 Substance Abuse and the Family
PSY481_5W Substance Abuse and the Family
PSY482 Substance Abuse Treatment
PSY483 Substance Abuse Treatment II
PSY490 Human Services Internship and Seminar
PSY490_5W Liberal Arts Capstone
PSY492 Advanced General Psychology
PSY492_5W Advanced General Psychology
PSY493 Crime and Causes
PSY494 Substance Abuse and Treatment in Criminal Justice
PSY494_5W Substance Abuse Treatment in the Criminal Justice System
PSY496 Substance Abuse Assessment
PSY496_5W Substance Abuse Assessment
PSY497 Substance Abuse Treatment
PSY498 Psychology and the Criminal Mind
PSY498_5W Psychology of the Criminal Mind
PSY499 Psychology Field Experience and Seminar
PSY499_5W Psychology Field Experience and Seminar
R6032 Research and Program Evaluation in Counseling
R7000 Introduction to Advanced Academic Study and Writing
R7001 Introduction to Research Methods
R7031 Methods and Analysis of Quantitative Research
R7032 Experimental Research
R7033 Research Methods for Data Analysis
R7034 Advanced Statistical Methods
R7035 Methods and Analysis of Qualitative Research
R7036 Program Evaluation Methods
R7037 Survey Techniques
R7038 Action Research in Education
R7040 Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis
R7103 Solution Oriented Business Research Methods
R7111 Selected Topics in Research
R7452 Professional Development in Counseling
R7453 Clinical Consultation
S7200 Pinnacle Seminar
SCI110 The Rise of Modern Science
SCI110_AU The Rise of Modern Experience
SCI115 The Ecological Perspective
SCI116 Science as a Way of Thinking
SCI116_5W Science as a Way of Thinking
SCI201 Ecology and Environmental Sustainability
SCI201_5W Ecology and Environmental Sustainability
SCI201LAB Ecology and Environmental Sustainability - Lab
SCI202 Ecology & Environmental Sustainability Lab
SCI215 Contemporary Applications of the Sciences
SCI215LAB Contemporary Applications of the Sciences - Lab
SCI216 Contemporary Application of the Sciences Lab
SEC103 Introduction to Security Management
SEC103_5W Introduction to Security Management
SEC103-AUO Introduction to Security Management
SEC317 Risk Assessment and Management
SEC317_5W Risk Assessment and Management
SEC317-AUO Risk Assessment and Management
SEC323 Computer Systems Security
SEC323_5W Computer Systems Security
SEC323-AUO Computer Systems Security
SEC333 Global Security
SEC333_5W Global Security
SEC333-AUO Global Security
SOC110 Sociology in a Global Perspective
SOC110_5W Sociology in a Global Perspective
SOC110_AU Sociology in a Global Perspective
SOC111 The Working Poor in America
SOC115 Loss & Grief
SOC116 Sex, Power, and Socialization
SOC260 Global Environment and Public Health
SOC260_5W The Global Environment and Public Health
SOC416 Sociological Perspectives on Class, Ethnicity, and Gender
SOC416_5W Sociological Perspectives on Class, Ethnicity and Gender
SOC490 Liberal Arts Capstone
SOC490_5W Liberal Arts Capstone
SP6000 Professionalization Group II
SP6001 Professionalization Group II
SP6005 Psychopathology
SP6012 Cognitive and Affective Behavior
SP6015 Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Therapy
SP6020 Team Dynamics and Group Behavior
SP6104 Counseling Skills I
SP6200 Statistics & Research
SP6300 Professional and Ethical Issues
SP6493 Psychological Aspects of Athletic Injury
SP6494 Exercise and Health Psychology
SP6495 Appraisal of Individuals and Psychological Skills
SP6497 Motor Development, Control, and Learning
SP6499 Applied Sport Psychology I: Theory and Research
SP6500 Applied Sport Psychology II: Professional Practice
SP6501 Exercise Physiology
SP6505 Lifespan Development
SP6510 Athletic Counseling
SP6535 Sport Psychology Masterís Practicum and Seminar I
SP6536 Sport Psychology Masterís Practicum and Seminar II
SP6540 Seminar in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
SP6540-6541 Seminar in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
SP6540-A1.5 Seminar in Applied Sports Psychology I
SP6540-B1.5 Seminar in Applied Sport Psychology I
SP6541-A1.5 Seminar in Applied Sport Psychology I
SP7200 Statistics and Research Methods I
SP7349 Career Assessment and Counseling
SP7561 Seminar in Sport Psychology I
SP7562 Seminar in Sport Psychology II
SP7563 Seminar in Sport Psychology III
SP8010 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
SP8011 Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy
SP8950 Special Topics
TH7101 Professional Development in Pastoral Community Counseling
TH7102 Individual Spiritual Enhancement
TH7103 Holistic Health Theory and Practice
TH7104 Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution
TH7105 Curriculum Development for Community Education
TH7106 Non-Western Helping and Healing Arts
TH7107 Profesional Development in Pastoral Community Counseling
TH7108 Contemporary Ethical Issues in Pastoral Counseling
TH7109 Special Topics in Pastoral Counseling
TH7110 Spiritual and Religious Issues in Counseling
TH7935 Dissertation ó Pastoral Counseling
W5096 Academic Writing
W5096_15W Academic Writing
W5099 Graduate Academic Writing
W5099_15M Graduate Academic Writing
W5099-AUO Graduate Academic Writing
W7000 Advanced Academic Study and Writing
W7000_OG Advanced Academic Study and Writing
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