Tune in for Financial Aid TV!

by Argosy University 4 February 2014

Financial Aid TVThis February, why not try to be more knowledgeable about your finances, student loans, and credit? At Argosy University, we’d like to help you achieve this goal and have a better understanding of the investment you make in yourself when you choose to return to school.

Now, when you log in to the Campus Common, you’ll notice a story in the Top News banner called “Why Does Credit Matter?” This story is part of our Financial Aid TV series, which features over 100 helpful and informative videos. Video categories include:

- Applying for Financial Aid
- New Students
- Continuing Students
- Eligibility
- Financial Literacy (ranging from money management to credit reports)
- Financial Literacy Month
- General Information
- Grants
- Loans
- Loan Repayment
- Scholarships
- Tax Credits
- Veterans Affairs

Visit our Financial Aid TV page and get your questions answered today! If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact your Student Finance Counselor.

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Our Top 10 Stories from 2013

by Argosy University 19 December 2013

Top News2013 was a monumental year for Argosy University, and we expect 2014 to bring about more exciting news and accomplishments!

Before moving on though, let’s spend a few minutes celebrating our favorite stories from this year!

1) New Campus Common Mobile Site and Mobile App

Using our updated mobile site or new mobile app, you can quickly and easily
• View grades, campus news, class announcements
• Add upcoming assignments to your phone’s calendar
• Read and respond to discussion questions
• Call or email key contacts with one click.
Aout the Mobile Site >> | About the Mobile App >>

2) Three New Programs Introduced

Three more programs are now available fully online:
Associate of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
30-credit Master of Science in Management program

3) Student Sets Goal of Earning a Doctorate by Eighty

75-year-old Rana Lee Berman shared why she is pursuing her Doctorate of Education in Teaching & Learning, reminding us all that it’s never too late to pursue your goals. Read More >>

4) Instructor Honored as a Top Forensic Psychology Professor

Dr. David Arena was named one of the Top 25 Forensic Psychology Professors by ForensicsColleges.com! Read More>>

5) The MBA of the Future

Discover a groundbreaking new program that gives you more control over how quickly you earn your MBA and can provide you with both time and cost savings. Find out more at mba.argosy.edu!

6) Argosy University Named among Top Military Friendly Schools

GI Jobs Magazine selected Argosy University for inclusion in its list of Military Friendly Schools® for 2014. The list honors the top 20% of colleges, universities and trade schools doing the most to embrace America’s veterans as students. Read More>>

7) Argosy University Hosts Psychology Research Conferences

Our College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences hosted two Virtual Psychology Research Conferences in 2013. These conferences featured keynote speeches, poster sessions, and presentations by faculty members, alumni, and current students.

Topics discussed included:
• Adult children of alcoholic parents who enter the counseling field
• How job loss affects the depression and suicide rate among high wage earners
• Job satisfaction and struggles of women working in the Appalachian region
• The relationship between college counseling and retention for high risk students
• Animal-assisted therapy for people with severe and persistent mental illness
• Q-sorting to capture first impressions of psychopaths, CEOs, and generals

8) Faculty Member Participates in AIDS LifeCycle

Faculty member Adam Yerke biked from San Francisco to Los Angeles (545 miles!) to raise awareness and over $3,000 for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Read More>>

9) Events Calendar Posted in Campus Common

Find our online events and webinars all in one place, including career workshops, library information sessions, Psychology Club meetings, and more!

10) All Faculty Members Now on Skype

Now, not only can you call or email faculty members, you can also video chat with them!

New Events Page in the Campus Common

by Argosy University 16 September 2013

Calendar iconAt Argosy University, Online Programs, our faculty and staff regularly host meetings, workshops, and other exciting and informative online events. Now, we’ve created an Events calendar in the Campus Common so that you can easily find out what’s going on and register for events that matter to you.

To visit the Events page, log in to the Campus Common and select Events from the Campus Life dropdown menu.

Here’s a look at a few of this month’s upcoming events:

9/17: Psychology Club September Meeting
Attend this month’s Psychology Club meeting to learn about what you can do with a Psychology Degree.

9/18: Writing Dissertation Prospectus - Doctoral Series
This webinar is for all doctoral students, especially those in the process of developing dissertation prospectus. The webinar will discuss the components of the prospectus, the literature review, the purpose statement, writing style, the research question and methodology.

9/22: Finding & Downloading eBooks in the Library
Join this online session to learn about the various electronic (or eBook) databases in the Online Library. Find out about accessing books online and downloading books to borrow and read offline!

9/25: SHRM Membership Meeting
Attend this meeting to learn about being a member of the Society of Human Resource Management and the benefits that go along with membership.

Visit the Events Page to register for these events and more!

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Need Assistance for Your Next Career Move?

by Argosy University 12 September 2013

As a student at Argosy University, you have access to a wide variety of career resources in the Campus Common at no additional charge. Check out what we have to offer and how these career tools can help you make your next big career move!

Career Services Resources

Career Research Guide

• Find in-depth and up-to-date news on industries and careers.
• See reviews and rankings of companies and internship programs.
• Download comprehensive Career Guides and get up to 300 pages of information on employers, what you’ll need to be hired, and the current and future state of careers in specific fields.

Career Assistant

• Follow helpful blogs with advice from industry experts.
• Get insight on organizations from current employees.
• Read articles and guides on interviewing, resumes, internships, starting a new career and more.

Resume Center

• Build your resume from over 100 different formats and over 1 million styles.
• Access professional resume samples, organized by industry and experience level.

Interview Practice

• Practice your interview skills by responding to pre-recorded questions.
• Record the interview using a web cam. 
• Immediately access and watch your interview to see how you did.
• Send your interview to advisors, instructors or helpful friends and family for additional feedback.

Job Search Guide

• Search, select and store job listings.
• Get up-to-date contact information for millions of companies.
• Access in-depth information about contacts and companies posting jobs.
• Record, save and store your correspondence history.
• Easily create and save resumes and cover letters to access, print or email.

Try These Career Tools Today!

To access these resources, visit this Campus Common page today. Or, when you're already in the Campus Common, from the Student Services dropdown menu, select Career Resources. Learn more about the Office of Career Services here. 

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4 Communication Tips for Every Online Student

by Argosy University 5 September 2013

Online Conversations

Learning the best way to communicate online can be tricky, especially if you’re used to face-to-face interaction, but we can help! For starters, your Admissions Representative and Academic Counselor are there to answer your questions about the online classroom and being an online student. In addition, we've designed the online classroom to facilitate open and frequent communication between students and faculty.

Here are a few ways you can help the flow of information between you, your instructors and our staff.

1. Provide current contact information. If your contact information is out-of-date, it’s going to be hard for people to reach you. (You can update this information at any time in the Campus Common.) Additionally, make sure to set up a voicemail at the phone number you provide so that anyone who calls can leave a message.

2. Respond promptly. Always get back to your instructors or members of your graduation team as soon as possible. However, if you’re communicating via email, take a few seconds before hitting send to ensure that your message is clear and complete, uses proper grammar and is free of typos.

3. Find your important contacts. Contact information for your graduation team, faculty members and technical support appears on your Campus Common homepage. In addition, at the beginning of each course, your instructor will provide you with their email address, phone number, Skype ID and office hours via email and the Announcements section of the course home page. You can also email class members or your instructor by clicking “Email” in the red toolbar in the online classroom.

4. Know the best ways to reach your instructor. One option is the open forum in your classroom called “Questions for the Instructor," where your question—and the answer from your instructor—will be visible to your classmates. This is a great place to visit to see if your question has been previously answered and to learn from what’s already been posted. In this forum, you may want to ask about:

• Accessing academic resources
• What you have read in lectures or textbooks
• Other general information that may be helpful to all students

On the other hand, if you have a question about grades, issues preventing you from attending class or other personal concerns, contact your instructor privately via email, Skype or phone for a one-on-one conversation. In addition, your instructor will provide weekly virtual office hours, promptly respond to emails and your questions, give detailed feedback on graded assignments and be active in the classroom's discussion forum.

If you have additional questions about communicating with faculty or staff as an online student, feel free to ask a member of your graduation team or your instructor.

To learn more about Argosy University, Online Programs, request more information here!